Welcome To Realistic Nutrition

Hello, I'm Tasmin

I first became interested in nutrition around five years ago when I was suffering from some kind of unidentified fatigue. I was trudging around, exhausted, with a chronic case of head fog and wanting nothing more than to go to sleep. All the time. My energy levels were through the floor, and exercise felt like a pipe dream. According to the doctor there was nothing wrong with me, so it became fairly evident that we had different ideas about what was ‘nothing’! I started doing a bit of my own research and working on my diet, and what I discovered was that the difference you can make to your health with what you eat (or don’t) is actually pretty amazing. I decided to study nutrition properly and I’ve never looked back and I haven’t suffered from fatigue since. Magic!

Like many women, I was also a serial dieter. I was aged 8 (EIGHT. I kid you not) when I first started talking about how I needed to go on a diet. I’d be on a new one every other month. Here’s a nowhere near exhaustive list of the ones I tried:

  • Low calorie – turned me into a grumpy cow
  • Low carb – I developed insomnia and was cold all the time
  • Intermittent fasting – I became OBSESSED with when I was getting my next meal
  • Paleo – my poor, poor friends. Woe betide anyone who ate a sandwich in front of me
  • Weight Watchers – I spent inordinate amounts of time hyper-focusing on some arbitrary unit of measurement, the ‘point’ (what a ridiculous way to go about life)
  • Atkins – I was a nightmare to go out for a meal with and had incessant carb cravings

Suffice to say my relationship with food was all kinds of fucked up. It took a whopping rebound from the Atkins diet, during which I went up 3 clothes sizes and lived exclusively on bread for about a fortnight, to realise that what I was doing was utterly stupid.

Fast forward to today and I hold a diploma in naturopathic nutrition from the College of Naturopathic Medicine. I practice what I preach – my diet is easily sustainable, flexible enough to allow me to live the way I want to, and sustains a heavy training schedule. I like beer, I like chocolate, I like fish, vegetables, fruit, meat and most other foods. I know which foods don’t agree with me and I never beat myself up for a splurge. Nothing is banned, nothing is ‘bad’.

I am also now a multiple record-holding powerlifter. Not too shabby for someone who could barely negotiate a flight of stairs without wanting to go for a nap afterwards! So how did I achieve this 180? By learning about how the body uses nutrition, getting my diet in line and getting myself off of the dieting merry-go-round once and for all. Nothing makes me happier than helping someone else to achieve the same freedom! I’ve worked with and continue to work with people of a range of ages and backgrounds. Among the things I have helped people with are:

  • weight loss/gain
  • IBS
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • asthma
  • hypothyroidism
  • PCOS
  • obesity
  • fatigue
  • IBD
  • diabetes management
  • weight loss
  • those with athletic goals

Being a skeptic by nature, I am a believer in evidence-based nutrition; you won’t get any woo-woo from me. I won’t tell you to source some obscure ‘superfood’ that you’ve lived happily without for thirty years, and I will not take away your favourite food (unless your favourite food is pure table sugar, in which case we will have to talk). What I WILL do is provide an effective and sustainable plan tailored to YOUR situation, based around YOUR needs. I will help to empower you to know how best to eat in order to increase the quality of your life and achieve your goals.

I know how to eat

Do I even need a nutritionist?

Nutrition is one of those subjects about which a bit of reading can cause more confusion than it clears up. Do eggs raise my cholesterol, is meat really bad for me, how many vegetables should I eat in a day? What if I have IBS, depression, hypothyroidism, diabetes, PCOS or one of any number of other conditions? What if I’m an athlete with performance goals? And why is losing weight so bloody complicated?

Well, nutrition plays a crucial but often overlooked part in our lives. Remember, your body uses what you eat to make you you, therefore your nutrition can be used to address (or exacerbate) any number of health conditions or goals. If you want to improve your physical or mental game, solid nutrition is absolutely key. With a bit of knowledge, nutrition can be targeted to you in order to do just that.

Bear in mind that it’s perfectly possible to eat ‘normally’ and still improve your nutrition game. We have no need of esoteric berries at exorbitant prices, it is perfectly possible to be healthy without blending all of your meals into smoothies, and a lot of the stuff sold by ‘health food’ shops is absolute rubbish. We’ve all made it this far without powdered acai berries, so nothing is going to drop off if we don’t start cramming them down now just because they’ve suddenly become available.

So, yes – those with goals, those with health problems, those who have to perform at a high level, those who just want to know they’re eating as well as they can. All of these people would benefit from a solid nutrition programme.


I am not a medical doctor. I do not diagnose, treat or cure any conditions or diseases. I simply take these into account when devising your nutritional protocol. I always recommend seeking medical advice for any health concerns, and reserve the right to withhold service in specific medical cases